About B-Zone project

B-Zone is a free and secure warehouse for programming problems and solutions. Here everybody can participate in ongoing competitions and courses. It is free to organize your own public or private event, basing on your own problems or shared ones. We support automatic and manual submission marking, a variety of rules:

  • - virtual labs for a course with long term assignments
  • - online SQL & database challenges
  • - team-based acm competitions
  • - virtual sessions for acm competitions held in the past
  • - individual IOI olympiads
  • - tournaments where programs compete against each other

We run an online judge that process in real-time solutions written in C#, Java, Ruby, Haskell, Python, SQL, and other programming languages. The judge is designed to prove algorithm implementations for correctness and effectiveness, and answer questions like "Will the program finishes within 3 seconds when n equals to 250.000.000, not 10.000?" It automatically compiles uploaded programs, executes them on test sets, while capturing memory and CPU usage.

Get an account, and feel free to participate in forum or contact us in case you have any questions or ideas. Good solutions, B-Zone team

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